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About the Author

Hello and welcome to the rebranded Blush & Peony! 
My name is Winnie, I am a 25 year old university student (more on that later) who is currently almost done with her four year degree while juggling a part time job (that feels more like full time, lol) and this blog. This blog has undergone at least four different transformations. When I'm not blogging on here, I blog on my gaming blog, Blush & Peony gaming, and it's literally a bunch of games just jammed together.  I used to be a beauty blogger, but have since switched to include a variety of things like lifestyle (I still have yet to try the fashion front because I do not have possession of an Instagram or blog husband/boyfriend). 

I'm also a hobbyist photographer, mainly with my blog and the occasional floral/nature and city photos. 

Here's ten random facts about me: 
  1. I work part time (edging onto the minimum for full time hours though as I gain more responsibility) 
  2. I love metal and rock music as much as I love pink purses and accessories 
  3. I've lived in Delaware for 15 years 
  4. I'm originally from the Dallas area in Texas but moved when I was 10 
  5. My favorite video games are Fallout 4 and Skyrim 
  6. I have an Xbox One S, a Playstation 4, my gaming PC, and a Nintendo Switch. The golden quad, if you will. 
  7. Buttered popcorn Jelly Belly jelly beans are trash 
  8. I only own three pairs of jeans and even those I never wear 
  9. I'm a gym legging fiend 
  10. I'm terrible at saving but hope to get better 
Bonus facts! 
  1. I've been a nerdfighter since the age of 17
  2. My horoscope: ⊙ Scorpio, ☾ Cancer, ↑ Pisces, MC Sagittarius

Hope you guys hang out and enjoy the journey! '