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New In Beauty Bits #2

by - Wednesday, March 25, 2020

This is probably one of the last few beauty hauls I'll be doing for a while thanks to this whole situation going on with the world, but keep in mind all these purchases were made before the world properly decided to fall apart. I got some bits from work, and two bits from Sephora, as per usual (per yuj? yoosh?) (Also, my low-buy is not going well, thanks to this freaking pandemic)

From work, I picked up two bottles of Philosophy 3-in-1 body gel, shampoo, and bubble bath. I got the Pink Frosted Animal Cracker scent, which smells quite sweet, and the Strawberry Guava Daiquiri, which smells more fruity. I also got a Nooni Applebutter lip mask and lip tint set, which I love the lip tint as it's a sheer red, and I can't wait to try the lip mask. I got a Shea Moisture charcoal infused micellar water and I actually love it as it's made of fair trade ingredients, plus it controls my oils, which is great when you're unwell as I've been for the past few days and can't be bothered to do anything but splash your face with water in the morning. The last thing I got was a bit of a cliche, as it's one of those rose gold peel off masks that every girl on Instagram does for fun.

The two items I got from Sephora were a full size of the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. I've had a few samples of these before and loved it, but couldn't find the time or money to get the full size until now. The second thing I got was the Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow in the shade Reflect-a beautiful coppery champagne.

Have you bought anything new in beauty lately?

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