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A Life Update

by - Friday, March 13, 2020

I'm back after a month of not blogging....longest break I've taken in my almost 5 years of blogging.

I decided to take a break purely because of a few things: I was burnt out on always thinking about what to write, so I decided to take the month off to generate new ideas, but a hard lesson that I learned is that you can't force ideas because you'll hate them. I've been learning to blog only when I really feel like I want to write, and to not force my ideas anymore.

Another reason why I stopped blogging is because I didn't have the time anymore. I've been getting more hours at work because I've been assuming more responsibility (not spoling anything yet), and that means less time is spent online. I actually feel like I needed the break so I could decompress as I haven't really been getting enough sleep and rest and it's been noticeable, unfortunately.

The third reason for my break is because I'm in my final year of school, which means that I have a lot of work stacked up against me. Also, I've really been getting into EAS scenarios on Youtube, even though some of them are scarily realistic, all of the situations are fake, with some of my favorite creators being Radio, Clayranger, Jayfeather, and EASAlerts 

Also throwing in a quick update: my school life has also been thrown off due to there being four positive cases of COVID-19 as all my in-person (all 2 of them) classes have been moved to our online format on Canvas, which is where we turn in all online assignments. Of course I'm a bit miffed that I drove 7 miles to get to school only to find out half an hour later that my one class was cancelled...

That's pretty much all that's been going on with me so far...how are you guys doing?

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