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Why I Don't Write About Beauty Anymore & How I Hope to Change My Relationship with it

by - Sunday, February 16, 2020

Surprising fact: this blog used to start out as a beauty blog before doing the transition to being a lifestyle blog like so many blogs like mine who started as beauty blogs and transitioned to lifestyle blogs. However, unlike those blogs, I have stopped writing about beauty and here's why.

Writing about beauty has always been a struggle. It wasn't at first, but it grew into one pretty quick as I absolutely stink at descriptions, so writing product descriptions was horrendous. All my beauty reviews barely took up half a page, and even then, they felt shallow because they didn't have anything important to them, just fluff. My list posts about beauty were equally as bad, and I finally threw in the towel in 2017 and deleted all my beauty posts. I tried writing about beauty again in the next two years, but ended up always deleting those posts first when it came to my yearly blog clean up. This year, I was going to decide to turn this blog purely into a lifestyle one, but I miss writing about beauty and photographing my products too, so I'm hoping to change my relationship with it. I've already written a few in-depth posts this year, and as for how I want to improve it...

More shop my stash posts 
I want to get into more depth with the stuff I have in my stash, and I also want to showcase the real winners in my collection, but I don't want to be too shallow about it. I will compile more posts that revolve around beauty and makeup but try to go into depth about each product instead of writing a shallow, half-assed review like I used to.

Reading more blogs to get a feel
I've been reading more blogs and therefore, more posts, to get a feel of how I want my new style of beauty writing to go. All the posts I've been reading are beautifully curated and have a lot of detail and I'll make it my goal to write similarly to them.

Do you write about beauty? Where do you get inspiration from?

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