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Why I Deleted My Youtube & Will I Come Back?

by - Wednesday, February 12, 2020

You might have noticed if you're a close follower of mine on social media, but I deleted my Youtube channel...all however many videos I had on it at the time, I don't quite remember.

The reason for deleting it? Simple. It was a part of my rebrand, and I came back with four channels (as a result of trying to make two brand accounts, gosh dang it!).

Youtube has always been a source of conflicting opinions for me. On one hand, I feel as though if I started one shortly after making my first blog, it would have been earning me money by now, but on the other hand, I am the human form of the Socially Awkward Penguin-I am clearly not built to be on camera. I am 97% introverted, according to my 16 Personalities test. I like to think before I talk, because if I don't, it's going to all come out in some form of word cloud that nobody will understand (which is why all my previous videos where I was talking were so short). There's also the problem of editing...I used to edit my videos with iMovie on my iPhone after transferring the contents of the video from my G7X to my iPhone using a Lightning SD Card Adapter cable, and then transferred the video back to Wondershare on my computer so I could add music...but I feel like had I invested the $200 or so needed for Adobe Premiere, the quality of my videos could have been much better. Also, nobody talks about this, but editing a video is a pain up the butt, which is why I tried to make my videos in one take and as short as possible.

Writing has been more my jam because of several reasons. I find that with writing, everything comes out much more naturally than it would have if I were to make a video on the same topic (plus with writing, you can simply backspace on a mistake and nobody would ever know you made a flub). With writing, you are forced to think, as with filming, everything on Youtube these days seems to be film and go, and to be honest, I'm not that interested in many Youtubers anymore. Since restarting my own personal channel I'm only subscribed to 22 channels compared to the 100 or so I had on my previous run through with Youtube. To be frank, I'm not interested in watching the latest makeup haul, or the latest fashion haul that's from some obscure store that I can't even access in the United States. I'm more of a fan of videos that serve value and makes me feel a certain way (I love Korean vloggers Haegreendal, Cardsu, and Ondo for this).

Will I ever come back to Youtube?
Never say never, is what they say. I will eventually return to Youtube, but not at this time as I'm still living with my parents and don't have a place of my own just yet. Plus, my life is super boring, so there'd literally be no point in vlogging my life as I just study, go to school, and go to work, but I hope that after I graduate, I'll be able to hop back on the Youtube bandwagon once I learn that I have to put more effort into it than just spending a few minutes talking to a camera, popping it all on iMovie and Wondershare and calling it a day. I'll still be writing a lot, but I really hope I can get over my nerves and restart my Youtube channel and create meaningful content.

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