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Why Aren't I Personal Anymore? Why I've Decided to Be More Private This Year

by - Friday, February 14, 2020

You may have noticed on my new iteration of this blog that I have completely stopped being personal and have instead, decided to become a lot more private. Although it may be unfair to you, the reader who's reading this, and anyone else reading this, I have my reasonings for it.

Being more professional
I graduate college this year, and in order to make this space be more professional as I do want to put it on a resume and use it to showcase work, I decided to stop being personal, because let's get real: the amount and the depth of personal stuff I'd get into would probably get me fired ten times over and that's something I don't need in my current stage of life.

Not giving any fuel to the fire
There's one more big reason why I decided to just cut out all personal information and only limit it to people I trust is because this year, I have cut out a lot of people, and I really don't want anyone to know what I've been up to, lest they have fuel to use against me (not that they would but you never know these days).

Valuing privacy
I've always been a person who values her privacy, and wants to protect her family and friends online so that's why I rarely post anything about family. It's not that they requested to be off camera, but it's because I don't feel comfortable shoving a camera in their face. As for my work life, I tend to keep that incredibly private, not only because you guys would instantly figure it out if I started giving away clues, I don't want them to get the wrong impression and that's why I deleted all my hauls and don't plan on posting any more. It's also incredibly hard to tell tone on the internet, and I don't want any single one of my posts to come off the wrong way.

As for personal problems, I've kept mum on most of them, and I will continue to keep mum on all my personal problems because I don't want to give anyone added leverage against me, but it's also because they're mostly issues that don't really affect the majority of blog readers, and like real life, if I tried to explain it, I feel like nobody would really understand it.

Being private this year is one of the best decisions I've made so far, but I will share few select details of my life with you.

How do you feel about being more personal online?

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