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The Things I Regret

by - Thursday, February 13, 2020

There's one thing that we all have in common, and that is regretting something we did or did not do. There are some things I regret doing and here they are...

Not getting a job in high school
This is a weird one, because as an adult now, I look back on this and regret it, but as an actual teenager, I didn't regret this. I feel like if I'd gotten a job at 16, I would have learned some self discipline, a good work ethic, and even gotten a savings in, but too bad I didn't start working until 18 right out of high school.

However, in a sense, I'm glad I didn't work until 18 because I feel like the stress of juggling work and school would have been too much for my poor little high school self.

Not starting my blog early
When I mean early, I mean about 4 years before I started it in 2015. I feel like I would have gotten a foot up had I gotten my blog up and running as a teenager, but I was too busy consuming the entirety of Bleach and Naruto.

Not caring about grades
This is the kicker because I feel like if I got better grades in high school, I would have been accepted into the university nearby and gotten out of university with a job at 22 like everyone else...but I didn't, and 7 years later, I'm almost done with my degree, lol.

Not communicating with family more
This one is going to sting and is a content warning. I feel like if I communicated more with family, some things wouldn't have happened and I would still have my cousins who sadly took their own life 2 years prior.

Not handling an online breakup well 
Believe it or not, I had a "relationship" with a boy from the Netherlands for about 4.5 years...until in winter of 2016 I was dumped. I didn't handle it well, and I actually regret two things from this relationship: the fact that I didn't handle it well, and the fact that I stupidly didn't end it earlier because I wanted the clout of having an Insta boyfriend (note to all of you: if you're unhappy in a relationship, don't do what I did and dump that jerk ASAP!)

What regrets o you have?

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