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The Different Types of Breakups & How to Handle Them

by - Thursday, February 06, 2020

Breakups are probably the worst thing that could happen (aside from someone dying) because they can be unexpected sometimes and can affect all aspects of your life, and there are so many types of breakups too. However, the pain doesn't last forever, and there are ways to ease the pain, but only time will make it completely go away. Here's the how-to on how to get over breakups

Different types of breakups
There are three different types of breakups that I define:

  • Romantic-The classic, typical one. The one where you get dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend or your husband or wife comes in saying they want a divorce, or you've been cheated on, that kind of thing. 
  • Friendship-Arguably worse than a romantic breakup. The loss of people you deemed a friend either by arguments, a misunderstanding, or a miscommunication, or simply, cutting off everyone in the group because you don't want to be associated with them anymore. 
  • Business-whether you're working for someone/another company or you're running your own, this can encompass getting fired/laid off, having that deal fall through when you needed that opportunity the most, etc. etc. 
Different reactions:
You might react a bunch of different ways during a breakup
  • Anger-this is usually my typical reaction and usually leads me to immediately block the person who I broke up with on ALL platforms (yes I'm that much of a petty biotch), and venting about how much I've been wronged for about two hours before I calm down. 
  • Sadness-this is typical of all breakups, where you cry and wonder where you went wrong whilst downing a pint of Ben & Jerry's. 
  • Expectation-This is a rare one, but there have been times when a breakup was expected, such as a flame slowly dying, or watching that one friend slowly self-destruct into someone you don't recognize. 
How to ease the pain 
There are many ways (some less safe than others) to get over a breakup, no matter what variety it is. Here are some healthy ways that don't involve signing yourself up to the Witness Protection Program. 
  • Punch a pillow (if you're the angry type)
  • Write it out (if you're an angry or sad type) or type it out on a private account 
  • Delete any platforms that they are on or change your username to mask yourself from them (if the people you broke up with are exclusively online). 
  • Let it out and have a good ol cry 
Some advice
Of course, you might be wondering what kind of advice you would need after a breakup of any kind, but nope, got some good bits for you. 
  • Don't blame yourself-C'est la vie. 
  • Look for new friends/partners-Always moving forward. 
  • DON'T LOOK UP YOUR EX FRIENDS/EX WHOEVER-you will instantly regret it. 
How do you handle a breakup of any kind? 

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