Reasons You Should Create Content and Reasons You Should NOT Create Content

by - Sunday, February 09, 2020

I've been mulling over the state of my content creation over the past year, and even after making my huge name change, I still mull over why I create content. Content creation is not an easy process, and I have a LOT of platforms. I run this blog, I run a gaming blog, I run a photography portfolio, I put up all my original characters on name it, I probably have it. There are several reasons why you should absolutely create content and some reasons why you shouldn't, and let's kick off with the why you shoulds...

Why you should create content 
1. Showcase your interests
If you have a special interest in something and need to get it off your chest lest it become a heartache, you should totally create content related to it! Make that artsy Instagram you always wanted to make. Wanna write a blog about the latest and greatest fashion pieces? Go for it! Wanna become a streamer because you're so passionate about that game? Why not?

2. Creating value
This is something I learned from The Minimalists, and it's the reason why I do a yearly purge of content that I find doesn't bring value to me or anyone. I would love to know if I add value to your life, and if so, I'm ever so grateful. I like writing about things you guys might be interested in, even if they aren't on this blog.

3. Gaining new skills
Creating content will inevitably bring you new skills: marketing, SEO, graphic design (if you create your own graphics), photography, videography, etc etc. They will prove useful if you want to branch out and get a career in social media, PR, or marketing.

4. Connections
With making content comes the connections. You can meet a blogger who turns out to be your next step into stepping into a marketing career. You can meet someone who turns out to be your talent manager. Connecting via content creation can be a strange and wonderful thing as you guys are essentially going through the journey together.

And now to the why you should nots...

Why you should not make content
1. Money
I don't mean the running your own business type of deal, nor am I speaking about the people who did it to provide value or have fun but ended up being monetized. I'm talking about making a blog purely because of selfish financial reasons. Those blogs don't tend to last very long, and their posts or videos are mainly shallow (or worse: spammy) and provide little to no value. Same goes for Youtubers; those who jump in it just to make money are playing a dirty little joke on themselves as it doesn't work that way. A fair warning: people will know when you're being inauthentic.

2. Being Insta-/internet famous
Making content just to be insta-famous or internet famous is the worst reason to start any kind of content creation. Being insta-famous or internet famous doesn't happen overnight. It takes years. It took Markiplier years to become famous; same with Zoella and the rest of the Brit Crew. If you make content and expect to suddenly become a star overnight, you're playing a nasty little joke on yourself.

Content creation should be centered around what makes you happy, what makes your audience happy, and what you feel comfortable writing about. I've deleted thousands of posts, dozens of videos, a handful of social media channels, and more because I simply didn't like the direction that they were headed down, but that doesn't mean that I want to quit! I simply want to create content that is valuable to everyone-even if it does mean that my content creation takes a bit more time than most.

Why do you make content?

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