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My Favorite Podcasts

by - Saturday, February 08, 2020

If there's something I love more than my beloved Spotify premium account, it's listening to podcasts. I have several that I love to listen to anytime, anywhere, whether it's on the way to work, at home studying or writing a blog post, or even going out with family or on the airplane.

Dear Hank and John 
Being a Nerdfighter, I've been huge fans of the Green brothers since the age of 17, when I really got into the fandom and dived head first into the world of Nerdfighteria. When I heard that they were releasing a podcast called Dear Hank and John, of course I had to listen to it. This podcast is mainly John and Hank giving out dubious advice to listeners who write in, and all about various things, such as people named Ryan, death, destruction, and most importantly, news about Mars, and AFC Wimbledon, an English soccer team that John supports. I also make references to Dear Hank and John every so often (spoiler: the secret snake part in my Contact page is a DH&J reference).

The Mustards
I absolutely LOVE The Mustards and their podcast, and how they make every day I listen to them better. The podcast is hosted by creator Jenny Mustard and her partner David, and I absolutely love the little sayings they have created from the podcast, such as "Monday morning when all the possibilities are possible". I also love how funny and sarcastic Jenny can be on certain topics as well.

The Minimalists
The Minimalists podcast is one I was intrigued by, then dropped it, and then picked it back up and is about how to create valuable content and letting value into your life while letting go of the things (and people) who don't. This podcast talks about various topics as well and is hosted by duo Joshua Fields-Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.

I've been a fan of Samantha Ravndahl for years, and when I heard she and her best friend Alyssa were releasing a podcast I jumped straight on it. I love the way they touch on personal subjects, such as moving out with a partner, drinking, anxiety, etc etc.

What I Know Now
What I Know Now is a podcast all about relationships hosted by youtuber Amelia Liana, who touches on her own heartbreak after her fiance and her split up. I love how this podcast doesn't necessarily have to apply to romantic relationships, it can be about friendships too and focuses on self care strategies.

The Lavendaire Lifestyle
Hosted by the brains behind Lavendaire, Aileen, this podcast is focused on personal growth and development and often has guests who specialize in a form of personal development. I love the conversations that Aileen has with her guests and also there are so many helpful tips on how to grow emotionally and develop better skills.

Letters from a Hopeful Creative
Letters from a Hopeful Creative is a creative podcast on how to grow your own blog/business/shop and is hosted by Jen Carrington, a life coach, and Sara Tasker, who runs the blog Me and Orla. This podcast gives advice on how to grow sustainably, but also on how to avoid burnout when it comes to the business and admin sides of your passion project.

A Beautiful Mess Podcast
Hosted by the creators of ABM (sisters Elsie and Emma), this podcast is more of a lifestyle podcast that talks about not only interiors and renovations, but also life, with Elsie talking about the adoption process and all about her precious girls, and Emma's experience with the behind the scenes parts of A Beautiful Mess.

What are some of your favorite podcasts?

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